A Sacred Orc Great Axe

weapon (melee)

Attack: +1
Damage: 1d12
Special: Righteous Fury – like Rage for Barbarians but only available when Grishargorena is equipped. When Righteous Fury is used the wielder receives detect and protection spells based on their alignment. Also they have the option to do either normal weapon damage or 1d6 of good or evil damage. Whichever damage they choose may cause alignment change if neutrality of damage type is not maintained. (Alignment change occurs after 3 consecutive uses of the same damage type. Using the opposite damage type causes the count to go back down).

If Grishargorena’s alignment score reaches a number between 5 and 7 on either the good or evil side then the weapon will change into a Corupted Grishargorena or an Exalted Grishargorena.


This Axe was revered by an Orcish cult in an unknown area. 100 years ago a Star fell out of the heavens into the center of an Orcish tribe. Orcs were still new to the continent and the Star caused a crater that destroyed their homes and killed a majority of Orcish tribal members. The Orcs mistakening this as a sign of an unknown deities favor took the star and forged this weapon. Their naivety makes them a perfect target for the Darkness to add to his followers but the unknown Goddes faithful may be able to convince them to join the side of the light as well. Grishargorena was recently stolen by the Order of the Black Veils and may be used by them to further their designs or to convince the Orcs of their rising Godhood.


A Saviour for Ishmar unconsumed