A Saviour for Ishmar

The Abbey and Beyond


A synopsis of last night’s adventure and the starting point for this weeks:

Before you left the outpost, Barovia Mayor Alexandra Appleton handed you a letter asking for aid from Prestigiae Abbey and University. The letter also said that the mayor was dead and the council was disbanding following the missive. When asked what that meant, Alexandra nodded and walked off. You set off for the abbey (a day’s ride from the outpost.)

When you reached the abbey, you were greeted by Brother Tye Culver, the professor of herbology and healing at the university. Brother Culver brought you into meet the abbot who was rather cold (especially toward Valen for some reason.) The abbot said that the survivors would be working in the kitchens and in the mills, while you all would be guests in the university. You were shown to your lodging by Brother Culver.

You all befriend several of the students, namely Velma Buck (I know that’s not the name I gave you last night, but we’ll roll with it…) Brother Kevmorn befriended Mother Gwendolyn Youngren (youngest daughter of the Governess of Seleva.) Yegoth hit it off well with the skilled laborers, some of whom are Barovian.

After classes one evening, Brother Culver asked Brother Kevmorn to speak in his chambers. Kevmorn was told that the abbot was believed to be a conspirator of the Order of the Black Veil. The abbot was going to be in Elena’s Green for a week, leaving one week from the time when Culver spoke. During that week, there would be no classes—students were on leave for the harvest festival. Brother Culver asked for your assistance in some subversive act that night. More follow. Mother Gwendolyn translated the note (written in the language of Rooshroom) which read “Heed my warning, silver-tongued one. You will die. Heed my warning, blood traitor. You will die. Heed my warning, priest. You will die.”

The same evening that Brother Culver asked Brother Kevmorn’s assistance, a halfling commoner burst onto the campus demanding to see the abbot. When the abbot finally granted an audience, the halfling complained of having his daughter—and the daughters of other halflings in his camp—kidnapped by a bunch of “big, godde-damned ogre, orc, mothercarters.” The abbot offered your assistance in helping Enthinol Speltz, the halfling.

You were taken to the tomb of a long-deceased wizard-fighter, Dorl Tavanyi. Kevmorn remembers that Mother Gwendolyn’s lecture that afternoon was on Dorl and the cult that he amassed for himself. When you entered the tomb, you were faced with a pit and a door on the otherside of the pit. Kevmorn and Yegoth went down the side of the pit and back up. Valen skirted his way across using rogue-like abilities. There were two bugbears waiting for you all. Before you killed them, they were able to ring the bell in the guard post. You healed up and barricaded the doors in the room for 8 rounds. You are now left waiting…

That’s where we’ll start off today. Hopefully Brother Kevmorn read up on the funeral rites. He may need them for his companions…although…perhaps they’ll need the rites for the cleric first. :O


Dungeon Master



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