A Saviour for Ishmar

Session One

A brief synopsis

As the town of Barovia was planning for the return of their beloved Mollie McTynker, a beautiful gem of a young woman, the PCs made their entrance onto the scene. Yegoth, a half-orc barbarian, came in as a hired body guard for a dwarven merchant from Elena’s Green. Thalen, a human rogue, was wandering in, also coming from Elena’s Green. Brother Kevmorn, a human cleric, is a member of the local clergy.

The celebration continued until a horse rode into town with a deceased rider—one of the Governess’ Men sent to help return Mollie, as well as bring down the group of bandits who overturned and destroyed Haversham Abbey, the former home of a group of innovative cloistered clerics and monks. The Council of Elders decided not to take immediate action due to hesitation on behalf of some of the Councilors. The PCs met one another and ventured out (with the unofficial support of Alexandra Appleton, the Mayor of Barovia and the priest-in-charge, Father Jatham.

They set out after Bro. Kevmorn’s morning prayers (where Sister Yashiel, the other assisting cleric, was absent.) Two half-orc thugs could not stop the adventuring party. The party arrives at the abbey and camped out.

Two Will o’ Wisps were the “glowing eyes” of legend. They were deceased. The abbey is more-or-less in ruins (with the exception of the former abbot’s chambers. The party encountered a halfling sorcerer named Grath in the former abbot’s chambers. He referred to Mollie McTynker as “Her Ladyship” and said that she would kill them just like she killed the Governess’ Men. He said that she promised him a life in eternity for his compliance. He also said that many of Her Ladyship’s partymembers were dead, but not all. Through some spell, he was able to communicate with Mollie (or said he could), by point out the window.

After finding circular diamonds and snooping around the library, the party found a treasure vault with a large amount of treasure.

Experience earned: 1,400 XP—level up, please

Treasures can be found in the Look area of the wiki.

Next session is scheduled for Wednesday night at around 8:45 in the CSB Campus Ministry offic in Murray Hall at CSB (unless Monday at the same time would work.)

Thanks for a prosperous session today,

Bro. Kirkby
Dungeon Master


I would be available after 9 on Monday, but not 8:45.

Session One

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