A Saviour for Ishmar

Preliminary Information

Let's do it!


In order for us to being playing on Sunday (please note that this session will be brief as I’ve not had much time to prepare), I need for the following information to be linked (as in…copy and paste the links into a comment to this post, so that I can easily find your information) to me:

  • Find your character’s profile in the wiki section and edit it with any public information. If you have private information that you’d like to share with me, email it to me (cemaynus@csbsju.edu) and I’ll add it to the DM-only section of your profile. You must include name, race, class, local or visitor (if so, why?), occupation/profession/what you’re doing in town.
  • Pictures are good. If you can find a nice picture, add it to your character’s wiki profile.
  • Fill in the blank: “I want ________ out of this campaign.”

Thank you gentlemen. See you at 2pm tomorrow. We’ll meet around the Boni lounge and decide where to go.

Welcome to Seleva!

Bro. Kirkby
Dungeon Master


name, race, class, local or visitor (if so, why?), occupation/profession/what you’re doing in town.

Milun ‘Swiftword’ Turen, Halfling, Rouge.
Visitor: Milun has currently left his own city of origin (More info. to come) and is trying to find a life elsewhere (not finding as much work in smaller towns for a rouge, but still is trying.) Also is currently searching for a certain person. (Again, more information as I develop him.)
Profession: Gentleman thief/Silver tongued ‘Diplomat’

I want to have a fun and epic adventure out of this campaign (please)

Preliminary Information

Yegoth, Half-Orc, Barbarian.
Coming from a Savage background, Yegoth left his small tribe of Orcs and began to explore the continent. In his travels he came across an elf merchant being accosted by bandits. Jumping into the frey, more to satisfy the urge to kill than to help the merchant, he nevertheless saved the elf’s life. Upon seeing his prowess in battle and also being a minority who has been commonly malested in the past, the elf merchant offers to buy his protection for the remainder of the trip. Yegoth accompanies the merchant on several trips and then decides that he will hire himself off as caravan security to whoever is looking for extra muscle.
Throughout his years he has picked up some skill in crafting weapons.
Yegoth followed a caravan into town and is acting as the security team.

I’m looking to kill… and just be massively destructive/chaotic neutral in general..

Preliminary Information

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