A Saviour for Ishmar


A Note from the Father


We’ll start from here this evening:

*It has taken you a a few days to explore the ruins of abbey, heal up, rest up, and gather together what little you could salvage from this now-ruined centre of progress and ingenuity. As you are beginning to pack up your things and leave, a young man on a mule rides right into the former sanctuary of the abbey. He is wearing the colours of Lady Alexandra Appleton, Mayor of Barovia.

“I come with word from Lady Alexandra. It is urgent!” At this, the rider hands you a sealed scroll that, when opened, reads in Celestial:

Brother Kevmorn and Party,

You must leave the abbey immediately and you must not return to Barovia. Recent developments dictate it so. Do not finish your task, whatever it may be and do not return to Barovia. It is far too dangerous. I can’t write more now. The Council plans to flee Barovia, though I will not tell you where we will flee to-just in case this message is intercepted. Should you desire to find us, I trust that you’ll find the way. I pray that Yashiel met up with you? She was so set on following your party that I can not stop her from leaving.

Stay safe,

o Father Jatham*



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