The Prophecy of Ishmar

Thrice will the prophecy be spoken
and thrice will it be ignored.
Three epochs and countless prelates,
queens, or kings could not remedy the
ills that have befallen this nation—
this war torn, profane nation.

A saviour shall rise up and wage war,
though she will do it not with sword or spell,
but with powers far more ancient
and infinitely more powerful.
Aided by three and scorned by most,
she will take charge and will lead.

One need not hear in order to see.
One need not see in order to hear.
One need not be in order to have been.
Heed the words of the prophecy
or face the terrible repercussions
of a poorly danced game with Godde.

Most legends suggest that this prophecy was uttered by an unknown prophet. You grandmother’s grandmothers were not yet conceived when this prophecy was spoken into existence.

A Saviour for Ishmar

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